Wedding Music


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You’ve got the shoes, the hair, the dress. Your soulmate is waiting at the end of the aisle…what song is playing as you walk down to meet them?

I specialize in arranging unique songs that perfectly describe you and your significant other.

I have an extensive song list to choose from to fit any kind of bride - whether you’re classic, boho, vintage, alternative, or none of the above.

I have a Masters of Music in Harp Performance which comes in handy for high pressure moments like timing a song just right with your bridal party’s processional.

I play with high end equipment. I play every wedding on my Lyon & Healy Style 23 Concert Grand Harp which has a rich, warm sound. I use an iPad Pro to read my music off of, ensuring a sleek look (no messy binders of music everywhere) and providing smooth transitions between songs (no pages of music flying everywhere in the wind or awkward pauses as I change songs). I bring a small acoustic amp to every wedding so I’m in control of the volume and you can still hear the harp while guests are enjoying the cocktail hour.

Live harp music literally gives off vibrations that can give you goosebumps - something pre-recorded music isn’t always necessarily able to do.

It sets the tone before your wedding begins and will give your friends and family a wedding experience they’ll never forget.

Contact me for your free music consultation today at my studio located in Scottsdale.