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Musician's Easy Guide to ForScore in iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the best invention for musicians, ever. 

Before, when gigging, you had to haul binders of sheet music, or worse, if the client needed specific songs you had to spend time weeding through all your music and finding each particular piece. 

Gone are those days. 

Now you simply type in the music title you're searching for and voila! it appears on your iPad. 

You can also print WIRELESSLY from your iPad. Kids these days will never know the struggle of corded technology! 

I love my iPad Pro so much...I should probably get a commission. 

Here are 7 videos showing the tools I use most in ForScore. 

The wireless pedal I use can be found here on Amazon. The model I use has doubled in price since I bought it last year, but this link would be a similar pedal for around $90 which is what I originally paid. 

The stylus I use can be found here on Amazon. $7 for 3 beats the $50 I paid for my one stylus pen that I have since lost. 

The Easiest Way To Upload Music To Your iPad

  • download three apps - ForScore (it's $10 - worth $100 in my opinion), Genius Scan (free), and  Dropbox (I pay $100 per year for unlimited storage. If you find another way let me know)

How To Share and Print Music

The wireless printer I have is Canon and can be found here on Amazon. 

How to Make a Bookmark

How to "pull" pages from a book in ForScore and create a separate file. You can add this bookmark to setlists, print it, and label it as a single song to find it easier. 

How to Make a Setlist (similar to a playlist)

Perfect for organizing music for weddings since all brides have different requests. I also make a setlists for background music, teaching, my arrangements, and others. 

How to Make Notes and Draw on Music

A harpist's dream since we're always editing music. 

How to Rearrange Music

There's also a way to "link" pages in ForScore but this is the method I use. It may take a minute or two longer, but I like to "erase" music that I don't need on the page. 

How to Use a Wireless Page Turner

Harpists, if you don't have one, GET ONE. You can thank me later ;)